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Weed smokers smoke marijuana as a cigarette (joint), but may also be in a dry pipe or a water. The pipe known as a “bong”. They also be mix it with food and eat or brew as tea. Sometimes users open up cigars and remove the tobacco, replacing it with pot called a “blunt”. Joints and blunts can sometimes be laced with other, more powerful drugs, such as crack cocaine or PCP (phencyclidine, a powerful hallucinogen).
When a person inhales the smoke from a joint or a pipe, he usually feels its effect within minutes. The immediate sensations  increased heart rate, lessened coordination and balance, and a “dreamy,” unreal state of mind peak within the first 30 minutes. These short term effects usually wear off in two to three hours, but they could last longer, depending on how much the user takes, the potency of THC and the presence of other drugs added into the mix.
As the typical user inhales more smoke and holds it longer than he would with a cigarette, a joint creates a severe impact on the lungs. Aside from the discomfort that goes with sore throats and chest colds, smoking one joint gives as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking four to five cigarettes.
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The mental consequences of marijuana use are equally severe. Marijuana smokers have poorer memories and mental aptitude than do non-users.So closest marijuana dispensary provides good quality weed

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