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Shark Shock


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SharkShock Dank Vapes

SharkShock Dank Vapes is an 80/20 Indica with a low tetrahydrocannabinol average of fifty and a better CBD average of 9-11. Nugs are terribly dense and light green with stunning trichomes and orange hairs. Dank vapes SharkShock aroma is like buttery garlic bread with a bittersweet flavor to match. This strain will treat sleep disorders and pain.  Dank vapes SharkShock is for daytime or nighttime usage.

Type of High of our sharkShock Vape Danks

SharkShock strain’s high can relax your whole body and won’t have an effect on practicality with partaking daytime activities, yet as for deflating some stress.

Genetics of our SharkShock Vape Danks

Lineage: SharkShock strain is a cross between White Widow and Skunk #1 cannabis strains.
Indica / Sativa ratio
Indica Dominant Hybrid (20% Sativa / eightieth Indica)
Average tetrahydrocannabinol / CBD Level
—/6.00% tetrahydrocannabinol —/6.00% CBD —/—% CBN dank vapes cartridges

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