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White Widow


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White Widow Dank Vapes

White Widow Dank Vapes is a legendary 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid. it absolutely was 1st bred within the theEuropean nation in the early ’90s and rumored to be created within the mountains of Kerala. Buds are round shape and totally soaked in an organic compound and a blanket of white trichomes, creating for a sparkler of AN herb. Dank Vapes White Widow contains a smooth exhale that won’t cause coughing, and an overall pepper and lemon taste and smell. Dank Vapes White Widow can treat nausea, pain, PTSD, and stress. This strain is nice for daytime or evening use.

Type of High of our White Widow Vape Danks

White Widow strain’s high is potent and lasts for hours. it’ll mesmerize your body however won’t place you to sleep, instead, it causes a joyous cerebral buzz with creativeness, laughter, and social behavior. might cause psychosis or headaches.

Genetics of  our White Widow Vape Danks

Genetics: White Widow strain is a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica cannabis strains.
Indica / Sativa ratio
Indica Dominant Hybrid (40% Sativa / hr Indica)
Average psychoactive drug / CBD Level
12.50/21.50% THC 0.30/1.56% CBD 0.15/4.53% C

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