Garden Design

Top 5 Garden Design Ideas For Side Of House

  1. Define a Functional Space:

    • Establish a primary purpose for your side yard, whether it’s a lounge area, a kitchen garden, or a play zone.
    • Consider the size and shape of the space while defining its functionality.
  2. Create Zones and Focal Points:

    • Divide the space into distinct areas such as seating, gardening, and storage.
    • Incorporate design elements to create focal points, like a trellis, a birdbath, or a statue.
  3. Add Vertical Elements:

    • Utilize trellises, climbing plants, and hanging planters to add height and visual interest.
    • This technique helps maximize space and softens the vertical lines of your house.
  4. Integrate Privacy Screens:

    • Install fences, privacy hedges, or screens to define the space and provide privacy from neighboring areas.
    • Choose natural elements like bamboo or flowering shrubs for a more organic look.
  5. Design with Textures and Colors:

    • Create a harmonious blend of textures and colors through plants, hardscaping, and accessories.
    • Use a color scheme that complements the exterior of your house and the surrounding landscape.

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