Garden Design

Top 5 Garden Design Ideas Front House

  1. Create a Welcoming Entrance:

    • Design a captivating pathway leading to the front entrance.
    • Opt for beautiful flower beds or potted plants along the pathway.
    • Add lighting fixtures for a warm and inviting ambiance during evenings.
  2. Incorporate a Seating Area:

    • Create a cozy sitting area in the front yard.
    • Use comfortable chairs or benches with cushions and throw pillows.
    • Add a small table for morning coffee or evening tea.
    • Surround the area with lush greenery and blooming plants.
  3. Add Layers with Different Plants:

    • Combine plants of various heights, textures, and colors.
    • Incorporate evergreen shrubs for structure and year-round interest.
    • Add colorful perennials and annuals for vibrant blooms and seasonal interest.
    • Utilize groundcovers to fill in empty spaces and prevent weeds.
  4. Create Focal Points:

    • Install a water feature, such as a fountain or birdbath, to add a soothing element.
    • Position a striking sculpture or piece of garden art to capture attention.
    • Use a unique tree or a colorful flower bed as a focal point to draw the eye.
  5. Consider Front Yard Function:

    • Think about your front yard’s potential uses.
    • Create a play area with swings, a slide, or a sandbox for children.
    • Design a small vegetable or herb garden for homegrown produce.
    • Set up a hammock or lounge chairs for relaxation and enjoyment.

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